Suena en Youtube
Project Description

“Suena en Youtube” is a program designed to raise awareness over the musical diversity in the universal platform that Youtube is.

As we all know, Youtube has become a window for hundreds of genres and artists who have found a way to connect with fans all around the world through youtube videos made from their own rooms and studios. Many of these artists own channels with audiences of the likes of TV channels; with all kinds of contents, weekly posting and hundreds of thousands of followers. Artists from different styles who have found their popularity in this platform and have created their own brand. They self-manage their careers and all their income sources as a single entity, these are the so-called musicpreneurs. This phenomenon of entrepeneurial musicians is a crushing reality for the big audience. Spanish artists with millions of subscribers who tour the USA (like Leroy Sánchez) , platforms made for musicians with more than 20 branches all over the world or artists who rap with no limits and have more than five million subscribers and half of the Spanish youth singing their songs… this is all part of such rising phenomenon which has been named as musicpreneurs. This program will last six months and we will work with the artists’ talent to give visibility to the emerging artists scene. Some of the artists of the program: Agorazein, Las Bistecs, Zarcort, Keyblade, Sofar Sounds, Bely Basarte, Leroy Sánchez, Cyclo…

Project Details
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