El Mago Pop
Project Description

A very special project for us, because of the excitement around this proposal. It was the first time that the illusionist Antonio Diaz, this unstoppable worldwide showbiz star, also known as El Mago Pop, was performing in Madrid. So we started getting on with it.

We managed the online marketing of this unique and amazing show. The big illusion, which has turned into one of the undeniable successes of the season.

We created and managed the social network content, with an only condition that marked our whole dynamic: we couldn’t use any image, video or graphic that could be used to deduce any of the tricks of the illusionist. This meant a true challenge for us, since we weren’t able to show anything about the activity we were amplifying.

We developed a very pro-active experience on social networks to amplify this activity for Antonio Díaz to the most.



Project Details
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